Product History:

We have been in the Building Maintenance industry, caulking high rise buildings and warehouse tilt ups for over 30 years. Over that time, we have used dozens of different products. Of these products, there are five major manufacturers (Tremco, Dow Corning, GE, Sika, Pecora) that make a pre-cured silicone/urethane strip, which are all applied the same way. Typical installation is the application of masking tape to either side of the failed caulk joint to help aid in width control and clean up. Every joint is a different width and wall detail. That is a lot of time and money spent on preparation and inefficient to say the least.

Now for the breakthrough: “Dual-Bead (S)” and “Dual-Bead Pro (S)” is a dual nozzle system for a B-line sausage/bulk gun.

This unique nozzle design was created to accelerate the installation of pre-cured silicone/urethane strip product. This strip product we have used on countless occasions. You apply one bead of sealant on either side of a failed caulk joint, (rather than cut out the old material), and bond this strip to the new sealant. This creates a Bridge joint which avoids 3 sided bonding and allows better movement capability of the joint. This new strip then becomes the waterproofing for the joint. Much of the labor cost is with the installation of the two beads on either side of the joint. You must measure the width of the joint, apply two beads at the exact distance apart and bond the appropriately sized strip to those beads.

“Dual-Bead (S)” applies both beads of sealant/adhesive at the same time at 1.5” or 2” spacing. (it also works on inside and outside corners)

”Dual-Bead Pro (S)” applies both beads of sealant/adhesive at the same time, can accommodate any width from 1” to a 7” spacing (with custom DBP angle adapters) and can be adjusted to accommodate any change in wall details, (including inside and outside corners) without having to remove the nozzle from the B-line sausage/bulk gun to do so. Once you set your width, you lock that spacing in (with custom DBP locking nuts) and start working. These nozzles dramatically cut down on measuring time and reduce waste as the material is applied exactly where it is required.

We have been using these designs for several years on many different types of installations from bonding metal channels to walls and base board installations. We have seen a reduction in application times of 40% to 60%. That said, we are aware there are double bead nozzles out there, but none are as versatile as the “Dual-Bead (S)” and adjustable like the “Dual-Bead Pro (S)”.

Dean Driscoll, Owner
DRI-CITIES Waterproofing Solutions